Tracking Wild Boars at Lake Biel, Switzerland

Our partner WLS.ch has recently tagged and monitored a number of wild boars around Lake Biel for research purposes.

Each of the tracked individuums was tagged with one of Copernicus Technologies' Ear Tag Trackers, which regularly transmits the GPS position of the animal to a gateway of the Swiss national LoRaWAN network provider Swisscom. The tags have a range of many kilometers and store data points in the rare case of lacking connectivity.

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Tagged wild boars roaming around close to Lake Biel (IoT Wonderland screenshot)
Project Description
  • Wild boar tracking with easy-to-use ear tags
  • Higly accurate GNSS localisation
  • Full-season monitoring thanks to very low power consumption
  • Dynamic data storage as automatic backup mechanism
  • Using the Swiss LoRaWAN network

In below image it is clearly visible that the animals have specific hideouts in the woods, and that they prefer certain farm lands over others.

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Location heat map of the tagged wild boars.

Wildlife Solutions (WLS.ch) is an expert in tracking down and tagging wildlife. They have valuable experience in wildlife monitoring and all related applications. If you are interested in their services, please visit the WLS.ch website and webshop. We can also highly recommend their application-related article in case you'd like to learn more about wild boars.

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Wild-boar caught on camera

If you found this interesting, then please don't hesitate to contact us regarding devices or services for similar monitoring projects.

Andreas Senn Published on February 18th 2023
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