Products and services for challenging wildlife monitoring applications

Use Case

Wildlife Monitoring

Our clients track various species using our specialized light-weight GPS tracking devices.

What we do

Tracking devices for any species

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Designed for researchers

We have a long history working with researchers and wildlife preservers around the globe. Therefore, we know what matters.

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Durable and reliable

We focus on quality and battery lifetime to get the most out of the deployment.

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Well documented

Our devices come with comprehensive documentation and are supported by the free tracking platform IoT Wonderland.

Field support

We have hands-on experience with monitoring projects and support our partners in deploying devices and gateways in the field.

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Review esurf-2020-78

Benedetta Dini, Georgina L Bennett, Aldina MA Franco, Michael RZ Whitworth, Kristen L Cook, Andreas Senn

Connecting vultures to the Internet of Things

Jethro Gauld, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, UK

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