Wildlife Monitoring

Copernicus provides a wide range of products and services for wildlife monitoring applicaitons. The species tagged with our tracking devices range from birds to lynxs and bovidae.

Use Case

Wild boar Tracking

Wild boars turn out to be comparably easy to catch, but particularly difficult to tag using common tracking collars.

That's why we've developed a tracking device which is both practical with regards to deployment and less of a burden for the tagged animal.

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Due to the neck shape, tracking collars are not the preferred choice of tracking devices for wild boars. Instead, ear-tags have proven themselves as a valuable alternative. Advantages of ear-tags are

  • Reduced risk of losing the device
  • Less interference with the tagged individual's movement
  • Tracking of juveniles is possible

Learn more about the ear-tag tracker as well as our other tracking devices.

Ear-Tag for Wildlife Monitoring

Tracking device to monitor migration of both juveniles and adults of a wide range of species

This tag can be applied to juveniles
  • Tracking of wild boars, deer, cows, horses, sheep and any similarly-sized mammal
  • Full-season monitoring & tracking (long battery life)
  • Tracking of juveniles possible, thanks to straight-forward ear-tag deployment
  • Device stores locations when lacking connectivity
  • Ruggedized and waterproof housing (IP67)
  • LoRaWAN compliant
  • Supported by Wonderland, our versatile tracking platform
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The device is applied to the ear just like any other ear tag used in lifestock management

Our LoRaWAN GPS tracker ear-tag is now available. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.. You may also be interested in the product leaflet.

Collar for Tracking of Bovidae

Medium-weight battery-powered tracking device for long-term tracking of diary cows, sheep, deer and more

The collars have an extended battery live thanks to added primary battery capacity, compared to the ear-tags
  • Tracking of bovidae, preferably adults
  • Full-season monitoring & tracking
  • Behavior-analytics using low-power accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Device stores locations when lacking connectivity
  • Rugged and waterproof housing
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The device is applied around the neck of the animal

The collar comes in various sizes, to suit the species you'd like to monitor. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information. You may also be interested in the product leaflet.

Tracking Devices for Your Needs

Explore our wide range of tracking hardware and related tools

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Designed for researchers

We have a long history working with researchers and wildlife preservers around the globe. Therefore, we know what matters to you.

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Durable and reliable devices

We focus on rugged designs with a long battery life, to get the most out of the sensor deployment.

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Well documented

Our devices come with comprehensive documentation and are supported by our tracking platform IoT Wonderland.

Wonderland Tracking Platform

Using our tracking platform Wonderland you have all the information and control over your tracking devices at your fingertips. Wonderland not only supports our own range of thracking devices, but is also compatible with many other hardware manufacturers.

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Scientific Literature

Characterisation of a new lightweight LoRaWAN GPS bio-logger and deployment on grifon vultures Gyps fulvus

Jethro Gauld, Philip W Atkinson, João P Silva, Andreas Senn, Aldina MA Franco

Connecting vultures to the Internet of Things

Jethro Gauld, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, UK

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