Trackers and Sensors for Your Needs

We provide trackers and sensors for wildlife monitoring and geo-science. Depending on the demands, we provide off-the-shelf solution or design and manufacture custom devices.

Ear-Tags for Wildlife Monitoring

Tracking device to monitor migration of both juveniles and adults of a wide range of species

This tag can be applied to juveniles.
  • Tracking of wild boars, deer, cows, horses, sheep and any similarly-sized mammal
  • Full-season monitoring & tracking (long battery life)
  • Tracking of juveniles possible, thanks to straight-forward ear-tag deployment
  • Device stores locations when lacking connectivity
  • Ruggedized and waterproof housing (IP67)
  • LoRaWAN compliant
  • Supported by Wonderland, our versatile tracking platform
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The device can be easily applied to the ear just like any other ear tag used in lifestock management

Our LoRaWAN GPS tracker ear-tag is now available. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information. You my also be interested in the product leaflet.

Legrings for bird tracking

Leight-weight solar-powered leg rings for application in ornithology

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Our client is mounting the device on a juvenile seabird

The legrings last for years thanks to their built-in solar harvester
  • Tracking of seagulls and other medium-sized birds
  • Full-season monitoring & tracking
  • Tracking of juveniles possible, thanks to legring deployment
  • Device stores locations when lacking connectivity
  • Light-weight and waterproof housing
  • Supported by Wonderland, our versatile tracking platform

Collars for tracking of bovidae

Medium-weight battery-powered tracking device for long-term tracking of diary cows, sheep, deer etc.

The collars have an extended battery live thanks to added primary battery capacity, compared to the ear-tags.
  • Tracking of bovidae, preferably adults
  • Full-season monitoring & tracking
  • Behavior-analytics using low-power accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Device stores locations when lacking connectivity
  • Rugged and waterproof housing
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The collar comes in various sizes, to suit the species you'd like to monitor

Custom Wildlife Tracking Devices

We provide parts for custom tracking devices to track essentially any species. Please contact us for more information

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Procure OEM electronics to use it in your own custom design
  • Procure the electrical components from us
  • Integrate them into your custom housing
  • Use all the available firmware and software features
  • Build on top of our development skills and field work experience
  • Supported by Wonderland, our versatile tracking platform

Sensors for Smart Agriculture

Soil moisture sensors to get the most out of your crop.

Professional soil monitoring device
  • Full-stack solution
  • Data logging
  • Rugged plant & play device
Find out more on www.cital.io
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Helpful answers

Find answers to the most common questions people ask us right below.

Probably yes. In case not, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, so we can add support for your device's payload format

Yes, Wonderland is free for a limited number of devices on your account. If you exceed that number, we'll ask you to get a yearly subscription (Prototype, Professional or Enterprise), which will allow you to use unlimited devices on our platform.

>Yes. Please get in touch with us in case you need a hardware partner for your project. We support you in finding the right device for any application in the context of a research and tracking.

We're using LoRaWAN to receive data from our the devices over-the-air. Which network operator you chose is up to you.

There are free LoRaWAN networks and servers available (The Things Network, ChirpStack etc.). If you need a professional solution or advice, please contact us.

That very much depends on the environmental conditions and the device configuration. Typically they run for months to years on primary battery.

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