Be at the Fore-Front of the Agricultural IoT Revolution

Our devices and software platform are made for demanding use cases and challenging conditions. Thanks to our partner Cital, who is an expert in the field of smart agriculture solutions, we are able to provide you with a full-stack solution for forage production and general farming applications.


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With Cital you have a partner at hand, who helps you cover the full-stack from soil to cloud. Cital and Copernicus Technologies cooperate to provide best-in-class solutions for the smart agriculture vertical.
  • Trustworthy and competent parter
  • A decade of know-how in IoT-based agriculture

Smart Agriculture
done right

Smart Agriculture and Smart Farming is considered a chance to solve the world's population problem and hunger by increasing production efficiencies in the agricultural sector.

However, the complexity of devices and tools enabling this breakthrough holds farmers back from applying the novel technologies in practice. Our partner Cital is focusing on providing agricultural businesses and research institutions with the required know-how and infrastructure to apply the new technologies in their field of expertise.