Let's get together
To create and do research

We support our partners in all aspects of their endeavours. With a full range of services we help to conduct research in the field or develop a custom solutions for demanding monitoring applications

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Field Support
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Let's get together to elaborate how to best cooperate. You can reach us by mail, phone or web form. The required contact details you will find on the contact page.
Measurement devices for your needs

We offer our engineering skills to develop custom-made equipment for your research needs.

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Set up your own gateway infrastructure

Rent or buy gateways from us, to extend LoRaWAN network coverage to your research site and beyond.

Learn from our know-how

We like sharing our knowledge about remote sensing with you, preferably in the course of a joint research project

On-Site Field Support

We enjoy getting our hands dirty by working with you in the field. This helps everyone learn about the application and ensure the solution is put to best possible use.

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Field support

We have hands-on experience with monitoring projects and support our partners in deploying devices and gateways in the field.

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"Clients are like cats: they're independent, can be a bit unpredictable, but when you earn their trust, they'll stick around."