Products and services for environmental research and wildlife monitoring

We develop devices and software for advanced use cases in rough conditions. Our customers are considered partners who we strive to provide the best possible solutions, utilizing contemporary technological possibilities.

Wonderland Tracking Platform

Using our tracking platform Wonderland you have all the information and control over your tracking devices at your fingertips. Wonderland not only supports our own range of thracking devices, but is also compatible with many other hardware manufacturers.

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Tracking Devices for your needs

Our tracking devices are produced in-house and are supplied directly by us or by one of our partners. We ensure the latest proven technology is applied in your project. Devices are available for tracking of Deer, Cattle, Wild boars, Lynxs, Foxes, Wolves, Turtles, Birds and many more species.

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Eartag suitable for a wide range of species

Wildlife Tags of any size

Our tags come in various sizes and range from collars for deer tracking to legrings for bird migration monitoring. Even though the devices can be used for other applications, we focus on the requirements of wildlife researchers. The tags are also perfectly suitable for lifestock management.

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Wild boar tagged with our eartag tracker

Terrestrial NetworksLoRaWAN and NB-IoT


The landscape regarding low-power wide area networks is rather diverse. Standards range from LoRaWAN to Sigfox and NB-IoT to CAT-M1. We provide a generic API to unite all available technologies and make our products network-agnostic

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TTN gateway world map
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Argos satellite sketch
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Satellite Networks Argos, Kineis and more


We believe in the future of satellite-backed solutions, particularly when it comes to tracking applications. There are many network providers trying to conquer the IoT market. We know which ones are here to stay

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Latest News and Developments

The world of IoT keeps turning. Read our news articles to learn about Copernicus and stay on top of the game.

November 13th 2023 Avian Tracking Device

We're proud to announce the Avian, our latest GPS tracking device to track birds

October 31st 2023 Nebraska Agricultural Expo

Take part in our cow tracking game at the Nebraska Agricultural Expo

September 25th 2023 IoTracker in Wonderland

The new GPS tracker from IoTracker comes with alarming functionality

September 8th 2023 'Bull' Tracking Collar for Bovidae

We have recently shipped the first batch of tracking collars for monitoring the location and behavior of bovidae: The Tracking Collar 'Bull'

August 21st 2023 IoT-Wonderland Release 23Q3

The latest release of Wonderland comes with a lot of upgrades 'under the hood'

April 4th 2023 Wonderland Integration for Mokosmart LW001-BG PRO

IoT Wonderland now supports Mokosmart's latest asset tracker LW001-BG PRO