Products and services for environmental research and wildlife monitoring

We develop devices and software for advanced use cases in rough conditions. Our customers are considered partners who we strive to provide the best possible solutions, utilizing contemporary technological possibilities.


IoT Wonderlandthe open tracking platform

Wonderland is open to everyone, and free to use for a limited amount of tracking devices. We support a wide range of manufacturers to allow our customers to chose from a wide variety of trackers. Furthermore, with our white-labelled tracking-core you can build your own solution, leveraging on our technology

Supported trackers
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Wonderland 3D close-up
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Wonderland macroscopic view with heat-map
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Tracking collar for lynxs. Photo by FOTEX

Tracking devices for your needs

Our tracking devices are produced in-house or supplied by our partners, depending on the field of application. We ensure the latest technology is applied in your project in an effective way. Devices are available for tracking and monitoring the following species:
Deer, Cattle, Birds, Wild boars, Lynxs, Foxes, Wolves, Turtles, Rhinos etc.

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Wild boar tagged with an eartag tracker

Our LoRaWAN GPS tracker ear-tag is now available. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information. You my also be interested in reading this product brief.

Highly integrated and durable hardware for challenging tracking applications

Our trackers and sensors enable you to do state-of-the-art research. If required we can also provide you with 3rd party network infrastructure

devies active
4 Mio+
data sets
track on PC or mobile
white-label option

Terrestrial networksLoRaWAN and NB-IoT

The landscape regarding low-power wide area networks is rather diverse. Standards range from LoRaWAN to Sigfox and NB-IoT to CAT-M1. We provide a generic API to unite all available technologies and make our products network-agnostic

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TTN gateway world map
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Argos satellite sketch
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Satellite networksArgos, Kineis and more

We believe in the future of satellite-backed solutions, particularly when it comes to tracking applications. There are many network providers trying to conquer the IoT market. We know which ones are here to stay

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Latest news and developments

The world of IoT keeps turning. Read our news articles to learn about Copernicus and stay on top of the game.

April 4th 2023 Integration for Mokosmart LW001-BG PRO

IoT Wonderland now supports Mokosmart's latest asset tracker LW001-BG PRO

February 18th 2023 Tracking Wild Boars at Lake Biel, Switzerland

Our partner WLS.ch has recently tagged and monitored a number of wild boars around Lake Biel for research purposes.

January 17th 2023 PhD Programme with the University of Exeter

Are you interested in landslides and innovative sensor technologies?

January 3rd 2023 Ear-Tags for Wildlife Monitoring

We are proud to announce a new member of our product portfolio: The GPS Ear-tag for wildlife monitoring

November 1st 2022 IoT-Wonderland Release 22Q4

With the release of version 22Q4, IoT Wonderland has been upgraded with a wide range of improvements and new features

October 17th 2022 Sea of Plastics

Arribada & Copernicus Technologies collaborate in a joint environmental monitoring project: Sea of Plastics