Wonderland Integration for Mokosmart LW001-BG PRO

IoT Wonderland now supports Mokosmart's latest asset tracker LW001-BG PRO

Mokosmart's LW001-BG PRO is a wireless smart, ultra-low power, indoor & outdoor LoRaWAN Tracker. It provides both outdoor- and indoor localisation capabiliteis, thanks to its built-in GPS and WiFi receivers.

A suitable payload decoder has recently been integrated into our tracking platform IoT-Wonderland to ease work with the tracker and to provide a full-stack solution using Mokosmart's hardware.

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Side views of the LW001-BG PRO
Product Features
  • Multiple and high precision positioning technologies (GPS, Bluetooth and WIFI positioning)
  • Motion detection
  • Multiple working modes (Standby mode, Timing mode, Periodic mode, Motion mode)
  • Local data back-up for uplink payloads
  • Anti-tamper alarm

More information about the LW001-BG PRO is available on the Mokosmart product page.

Tracking Platform
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Mokosmart tracker location visualised using IoT-Wonderland

The tracking platform IoT-Wonderland can be used to visualise the locations of the Mokosmart trackers. Data decoding is done by the platform, allowing users to work with the devices without the need for coding or other application developments.

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Lifestock monitoring - a full-stack solution using Mokosmart trackers and Copernicus Technologies' web platform.

The LW001-BG PRO integrates GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi positioning, supports a variety of working modes, suitable for most tracking applications. It is ideal to optimize logistic processes, asset management, warehouse and inventory scenarios, outdoor tracking, theft protection, livestock tracking and much more.

Mokosmart provides IoT hardware for various other applications as well. If you are interested in their tracking products, please visit the Mokosmart website.

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Logistics tracking - a full-stack solution using Mokosmart tracker and Copernicus Technologies' web platform.

If you found this article interesting, then please don't hesitate to contact us regarding devices or services for similar monitoring projects.

Andreas Senn Published on April 4th 2023
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